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Therapy Thai Massage
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The School of Thai Yoga Massage 


Welcome to the Therapy Thai Massage School

Thierry Bienfaisant, the founder of Therapy Thai Massage School is dedicated to the essence of Thai yoga massage as a traditional,  evolutionary, open and integrated practice.

Each course with the Therapy Thai Massage School offers a journey of self-discovery through the spiritual practice of Thai massage rooted  in the 4 divine Buddhist qualities of:

   Metta - Loving-kindness      Karuna - Compassion      Mudita - Joy      Uppeka - Equanimity


Through the meditative attitude, transformation occurs within a space of mindfulness and pure intention.

Fundamental to the teaching is the emphasis on Touch, Movement and Rhythm. Just as a musican needs melody and rhythm, practitioners learn to find their unique tune in each treatment.

The Therapy Thai Massage School incorporates skills in traditional Thai massage with ‘Western’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology, osteopathic techniques, cranio-sacral approach, and abdominal work. Thierry Bienfaisant is a recognised teacher of Thai Healing Alliance.  


     Member of the Thai Healing Alliance



Dance, Play and Savor Life...

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage school
Dynamic Thai Massage
Thai Dynamic Massage
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Thai Osteo Massage


Upcoming Courses

Osteo Thai for the Heart - Neck and Axis

Osteo Thai for the Heart - Neck and Axis

Osteothai Belgium: Residentiel Retreat  with David Lutt

Course open to Thai Massage / shiatsu therapist and students.