Brussels Thai Yoga Massage level 2
Dec 26 @ 8:00 am – Dec 30 @ 5:00 pm



26 to 30 dec 2018


35, rue mareyde
1150 bruxelles


450 eur if paid before 15 nov

490 eur after this date


we have our lunch organised!
60 eur/ week


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Brussels Dynamic Thai Massage
Mar 6 @ 8:00 am – Mar 10 @ 5:00 pm

Dynamic Thai Course – 5 days

• △ • Dynamic Thai Massage combine the principles of Traditional Thai Massage with rocking, rhythmic and modern osteopathic principles as oscillatory techniques.

• △ • Just as nature is characterised by seasons and cycles, each person is a living microcosm of rhythmic patterns such as breathing, heartbeats, peristalsis, cell division and hormonal cycles. The sacred dance of Thai Massage is elaborated upon with a range of movement to create fluidity, continuity and release.

• △ • The treatment effectively shifts stagnation in the physical and energetic pathways, including life force energy, circulatory flow, nerve
conduction, spinal mobility, and muscular and fascia structures. Often
injury and deep holding patterns are healed as the mind and body are
lulled into singing a different song.

•. • .•.. •… Rhythm, Continuity, Joy and Happiness …•.. •. .•. •. •..

This is an advanced course, open to all practitioners of Thai Massage,
Shiatsu and other forms of bodywork with fluidity in their practice.

• • • • • • △ • Benefits for • △ • • • • • •

• the Giver

* improving fluidity, precision and transitions in the massage
* creativity, joyful and happiness while working
* developing the touch while working on the mechanic, liquid and
energetic levels

• the Receiver

* recovering mobility and freedom in his/her musculoskeletal system
* improving the fluid circulation (blood and lymphatic systems)
* re-establishing a good energetic circulation
* releasing the nervous system

• • • • • • △ • the Contents • △ • • • • • •

• Therapeutic applications of Dynamic Thai Massage
• Sequences of rhythmic oscillatory rocking techniques to incorporate
into massage
• Methods for developing greater fluidity, continuity and rhythm
• Anatomy applied to dynamic movement

• • • • • • △ • the daily Pulses • △ • • • • • •

8.oo – 9.00 …….. Meditation & Yoga

9.00. – 12.30 …. Practice 1
12.30 – 14.oo …. Lunch break
14.oo – 17.3o …. Practice 2

• • • • • • △ • the Teacher • △ • • • • • •

THERRY Bienfaisant
Founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – THERAPY THAI
MASSAGE – and is a recognised international teacher. Thierry offers diverse courses and retreats for all levels of practitioners in Belgium and abroad.

For the last 15 years, Thierry has travelled throughout Thailand, Australia and Europe to deepen his studies. He has trained in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Massage Therapy and among his many teachers are Pichest Boonthumee master of Traditional Thai Massage, Krishnataki, David Lutt co-founder of OsteoThai and Eyal Lederman of oscillatory and harmonic osteopathy.

• • • • • • △ • Price and Registration • △ • • • • • •

°° Where °°

Centre les Magnolias
Rue Mareyde 35 à 1150 Woluwe St Pierre
Brussels, Belgium

°° Price °°
Registration is effective after confirmation by email.

the deposit of 50 % with your inscription.
First price if paid before 01 january –  450 €
490 € after this date

°°

Registration through mail.

Its advisable to have some basic experience in Thai Yoga Massage or other Bodywork forms.


we have simple rooms for you or private studios
Details through email.


We have an amazing cook preparing lunch for us.
The catering is prepared by the bhakti yoga center.

60 eur/ week


Easy: train station in Brussels, followed by a tram to the venue!

The airport is 10 min by taxi from the venue!

Merano Basic 2 Thai Yoga Massage – Italy
Mar 13 @ 8:00 am – Mar 17 @ 5:00 pm


13 – 17 march 2019


Yoga Temple, Merano – Lido Schenna


490 if paid before 13 january

550 after this date

Brussels Thai Yoga Massage level 1
Apr 6 @ 8:00 am – Apr 10 @ 5:00 pm

Beginner Thai Yoga Massage level 1 -The Sacred Dance of Thai Yoga Massage

°°°Meeting point between static and dynamic flow°°°

For both the giver and receiver, Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred dance, a meditation in movement
It is a transformative and healing journey, A deep experience on the way we move, interact, communicate and the way we touch.

This 5 days program is open to beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. The course requires your attention and Presence more than technical experiences.

The course is inspired by the Dhamma and by the instruction of two Thai Massage masters: Chayuth – dynamic, rhythmic style and Pichet – static, deep, focussing on the importance of feeling.
The combination of this two influences of the northern style of thai massage offers a holistic experience, a sacred dance…

The practice engages a state of meditation where deep stretches inspired by asanas are rhythmically applied along with pressure on sen lines of the body. Healing occurs in a state of mindfulness, equanimity, compassion and shared happiness, where tensions are released and the free flow of energy resumes.
Description of the course…

Each day we travel from the feet to the head with demonstrations, theory and practice time. Instruction manuals are provided.

• History and roots of Traditional Thai Massage

• Essential principles for the practitioner: harmony and tranquillity in movement, posture, rhythm, coordination and breathing

• Indications and contraindications of the techniques

• Locating and working on the energy lines

° Anatomical description in relation to the techniques

° Dynamic techniques, mooving fluids, opening the joints, effective on central nervous system…

° Static techniques, deep and slow..opening the tendons, creating space.


08.30 – 9.00: meditation
09.00 – 12.30: Practice

12.30- 14.00: Lunch & break

14.00 – 17.30: Practice

Thierry Bienfaisant…

Thierry, originally from Brussels, is is a recognised international teacher authorized by the Thai Healling Alliance – is the founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – THERAPY THAI MASSAGE and ANATHAI, the bridge courses between Applied Anatomy and Thai Yoga Massage.
Thierry offers diverse courses and retreats for all levels of practitioners in Europe, Thailand and North / South America since 2010.

Spending most the time deepen his studies and search between eastern and western knowledge. The journey lead him to the early days of osteothai. Repeating all courses with David Lutt, Thierry becames a regular assistant of David Lutt, then recognised to teach osteothai course joint mobility.
His practice includes silence retreat and a deep connection with Swami Atmananda and Moojie, touching spirituel teachers offering satsangs and teachings on the non-dual essence of Reality (Advaita) and the nature of spiritual Awakening.

Thierry is also a recognised teacher at the Sunshine Massage School in Thailand, Chiang Mai.


• 06 to 10 april 2019

35, rue mareyde
1150 bruxelles

450 eur if paid before 01 january 2019

490 eur after this date

we have our lunch organised!
60 eur/ week

Contact us to stay in or close to the venue

Thierry Bienfaisant –