Anathai Breathing Techniques and Respiratory System, Belgium Retreat

22 August 2018 @ 8:00 am – 26 August 2018 @ 4:00 pm

We come into the world with a single breath and in the same way we leave it. To stay alive, all we need is the breath. As babies we know how to breathe but as we grow, parental and societal conditioning alter the quality of how we breathe. So many people in modern life suffer respiratory dysfunction.

But we are HOW we breathe

The way we breathe signals to the body what to expect:
when we shallow, rapid breathe, we remain in fight or flight, adrenal mode, which is toxic to the body; breathe fast, die young!
Deep, relaxed breathing activates the parasympathetic system, our body relaxes knowing it is safe to repair, rest and digest.

ThIs course is open to all, but you will benefit most if you have already some bodywork experience. Ideal for Thai yoga massage practitioners, yoga teachers, massage therapists or anybody who want to improve their wellbeing and understanding of therapeutic breathing.

Even the most fantastic massage given without correcting the breathing pattern can mean clients remain in sympathetic dominance, meaning muscles are overworked and painful. This course will reveal why breath awareness, attunement and correction is such an important and powerful therapeutic aid .

In this course, learn breathing mechanics, how to diagnose clients’ breathing with visual and tactile assessment, and give corrective exercises and hands-on therapy to restore healthy respiratory patterns.


22 to 26 August 2018
Meeting the 25 at 18.30 at the venue
We will need a confirmation to organise your dinner.


Yes, in Belgium
Farm of Vevy weron – Wepion ( 50 min away of Brussels )
A very well known retreat center located in a secluded area surrounding by stunning nature.

How to get there?

Flight to brussels – then a train to Namur train station ( 50 min ride ), from there we will organised pick up!


all included
Course – Lodging – Food
690 if registration before 30 June
750 after this date