Anathai – Upper Limbs and Spine – Greece

12 June 2018 @ 9:00 am – 17 June 2018 @ 8:30 am
sunshine House
The practice of Thai Yoga Massage is growing internationally, more practitioners are dedicated to offer their massages for a larger public.
Disharmonies and imbalances in the health of their patients are complex  and find sources in the  stressful  and unhealthy life conditions.
Many practitioners will work in professional  spas, clinics and in collaboration with other Health Professionals.
To ease the communication between them and their patient, a basic anatomical knowledge is a foundation to collaborate  and work in a larger scale with the world of complimentary medecine / alternative Therapy ; if we consider Thai Yoga Massage as an Integrative Modern Alternative Therapy.
Anathai combined the practical aspects of anatomy in movement  in relation with Thai Yoga Massage.
Of course Anathai includes all aspects of the Sacred Dance, the heart opening within a transformational journey.


Sunshine House, Evia – Greece


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