Study Travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Study Travel to the Source of Thai Massage – Chiang Mai, Thailand

For Who?

To everyone curious and are happy to study at the Source and of course with a minimum basic cycle experience: beginner courses 1 & 2.


Monday 04 February to Saturday 16 February 2019


  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Getting there?

  • Take charge of your plane tickets as soon as possible
  • Aircraft information:
  • Thai airways – Quatar – Emirates and so many…
  • Possibilities tickets:  Ticket to take at Thai Airways                                                            – Departure Brussels Saturday 02 February at 1:10 pm – arrival at 6:10 in Bangkok. Many connections to Chiang Mai + 1 hour flight                                              -Return Bangkok Sunday 17 February at 0.30 – arrival in Brussels on Sunday 17 February at 07.00.


Classes with outstanding figures of Thai massage:

  • One full week with Master Ajaan Pichest at his venue: 04 to 08 feb 2019

  • 2 days surprise with wellknow Master: 11 – 12 feb
  • 3 days with Master Felicity Keebaugh: 13 – 15 feb: The class will focus on abdominal thai massage

  • The classes are taught by the 3 masters and following by Thierry Bienfaisant for supervision.
  • We will have few evening practice time and revision together.

Your Facilitator – Thierry Bienfaisant

Thierry, originally from Brussels, is is a recognised international teacher authorized by the Thai Healling Alliance – is the founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – THERAPY THAI MASSAGE .
Thierry offers diverse courses and retreats for all levels of practitioners in Belgium and abroad since 2010.

​His passion for movement, rhythm, balance and bio-dynamics led him in 200O to Chiang Mai, the capital of Thai Massage, it was the birth of a long journey of self transformation and ongoing education .

While living in Pacific – Asia, until 2010, he completed 3 years of training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
Spending most the time between Australia, india and thailand, dedicated to deepen his studies and search between eastern and western knowledge.

Thierry goes to Chiang Mai almost every year since 2000, spend more than 3 years all together in the city.  Besides  teaching every year at the Sunshine Massage school based in Chiang Mai, he knows  well many therapist, the good spots, restaurants, temples…in fact, a good guide for your first expérience in chiang Mai.


Several visits will be organized in Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao (Temples and Hot springs). –> Details with registration.

Get your massage booked with specialised thai practitioner

Massage appointments will be reserved for you among influential practitioners in Chiang Mai.  –> Details with registration.


Many possibilities in the center of Chiang Mai.

Few hotels will be offered to you: between 15 and 30 eur / night.

You will make the reervation at your best choice.

For lodging, count an approximate range between 200 and 400 eur for housing.

–> Details with registration.


1150 € if deposit paid before 01 november 2018:

Deposit: 700 eur non refundable.


The price includes the training and transportation to the class room.

Not included:

  • food ( cost around 5 to 15 eur/ day )
  • lodging ( cost around 200 to 400/ week )
  • visits  ( few euros )
  • your reserved massage