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School of Thai Yoga Massage

35 Rue Mareyde, 1150 Woluwe St Pierre

Brussels – Belgium

The course include:

  • manual and certification
  • Teaching
  • Optional morning meditation, yoga, mindful movement.

Intensive Training starting september 2018

Certificate Practitioner: 2000 €  READ MORE

Diploma Massage Therapist: 4000 €  READ MORE

Terms of Payment:

Deposit with inscription of 25%

Paiement / year in 2 times:

  •  First semester: before 01 september 2018
  • Second semester: before 01 february 2019


Residential Option:

The school guides you to their partner for lodging options.


Course Terms of Payment:

Registration is effective after confirmation by email.

  1. the deposit of 50 % with your inscription.
  2. the deposit 3 month earlier before date of course: 450 €
  3. the deposit  3 month to  6 weeks before date of course: 490 €
  4. the deposit   6 weeks  before date of course: 540 €

For international and National paiement:
ASBL Ecole de Thai Yoga MassageING : IBAN BE 10 3630 8826 6404

cancellation rules:

  • The full amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the starting date.
  • In case of cancellation more than 1 month before the date of the activity:

The deposit will be refunded.

  • In case of cancellation within 1 month before the date of the activity.

The total amount of the course must be paid to the school administration.


Upcoming courses

Visceral osteo course with Thai Yoga Massage
Aug 21 @ 8:30 am – Aug 25 @ 5:30 pm

Visceral osteo course with Thai Yoga Massage

“The belly, second brain? ”

Through our belly operates multiple functions that interact on our digestion, assimilation, immunity, moods, emotions, behaviors and hormonal balance.

Stressors, sedentary lifestyle, junk food and emotional conflicts affect our body unity and especially our visceral sphere, modifying the “rhythms” (digestive, respiratory, body), the density of tissues and organs, resulting in stasis and vascular congestions.

Thus, by reaction, our belly can stretch, wring, swell, knot, freeze, harden … dragging with it, discomfort (feeling of anxiety, oppression, congestion …), disorders (constipation, bloating ..) and pathologies (ulcers, functional colopathy …) undeniably impacting our emotional, energetic and postural balance.

In order to specifically answer to the main body and psycho-corporal disorders and discomforts of the visceral sphere, we offer you a cross look between Osteopathy and Thai Yoga Massage.
Observe, touch, guide, release, restore, integrate remain the path of practice.
We will see in particular the study of the digestive physiology and its diaphragmatic specificity, the identification and the palpation of the organs and key zones.
Attention and communication practices.

3 key points of the training:

¥ Creating your visceral mental mapping.
¥ The development of your palpation sensitivity.
¥ The contribution of a new practice with regard to the visceral sphere.


Ecole de Thai Yoga Massage

Centre les Magnolias

35, rue Mareyde

1150 Woluwe St Pierre, Bruxelles, Belgium



Wednesday 21  to  sunday 25 august 2019

Price: for the course ( not included lodging and food)




30€/ night


Julien Halloy: Osteopathe  & physiotherapist

Passionate  over 10 years in Osteopathy, physiotherapist, yoga, alternative medecine. It is with an integrative approach through touch, breath, sound, mental imagery, movement and emotional expression that he develops his therapeutic approach.

Thierry Bienfaisant



Bruxelles Thai Yoga Massage Level 1
Oct 26 @ 8:30 am – Oct 30 @ 5:30 pm


Centre les Magnolias

35, rue Mareyde

1150 Woluwe St Pierre – Bruxelles


450 if deposit before 01 juin 2019

490  between 01 june  and 01 october 2019

540  after this date

Bruxelles Thai Yoga Massage Level 2
Dec 26 @ 8:30 am – Dec 29 @ 5:30 pm


Centre les Magnolias

35, rue Mareyde

1150 Woluwe St Pierre – Bruxelles


400 if deposit before 01 juin 2019

450 between  01 june  and 01 december 2019

490 after this date